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  • Wagner Skis

    Amerifine x Wagner Skis Essential Ski Package


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    The perfect-fit ski gift! We'll send you/them a ski gift packet. The gift packet includes information about Wagner Custom skis, a letter that explains how to start the ski design process, a hat, and stickers. This packet provides all the information your lucky recipient will need to get started.

    The Essential Wagner Ski Custom Package:

    • Your/their choice of any stock top sheet graphic (you have the option to upgrade to a wood veneer, Artist Series, or custom graphic)
    • Straight-grained wood core
    • Fiberglass structural layers, P-tex sidewalls, extra-thick bases, and oversized hardened-steel edges
    • World Cup Base or Super Durable base--your/their ski designer will decide what configuration is best for them.
    • Aramid Impact Resistance

    Wagner Skis craft custom skis in the heart of Telluride, Colorado. And when we say in the heart of Telluride, we mean a matter of inches from the chair lift. Their location says everything you need to know about the joy of a pair of Wagner Skis. They give you more time on the mountain. And more time means more fun. You can simply collect your new skis and go.