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  • “We do these things not to escape life, but so life does not escape us.”

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    The story

    Wagner Skis craft custom skis in the heart of Telluride, Colorado. And when we say in the heart of Telluride, we mean a matter of inches from the chair lift. Their location says everything you need to know about the joy of a pair of Wagner Skis. They give you more time on the mountain. And more time means more fun. You can simply collect your new skis and go.

    The brand

    Fun is a word you hear often around Pete Wagner. He started with a mission to celebrate the sport he loves so much and to make it as great as he could for everyone who wanted to ski, be it at Olympic or weekend level.

    The legacy

    The Wagner difference is the quality inherent in every stage, from the craftspeople and materials to the final fit and customer care – all carried out in their factory at the foot of the mountain. There are no pre-cast skis here. Every pair is made from scratch with love and attention because, as Pete says, "we're not trying to fit people into the exact right model.We're making the model specifically for them."

    And the process is as quick as the result. Wagner asks a series of questions to understand the fit and type of ski you need, then the design and development takes about three weeks. At this point you have a pair of precision-crafted skis, uniquely yours, and ready for the slopes. And here is the luxury of Wagner Skis. Not only have a team of dedicated engineers, graphic designers, ski builders and artisans worked to create your very own skis, but they have created tools with which to give you back time, the ultimate luxury, the chance to savor more moments on the slopes in the perfect fit, sheer comfort and balance of skis that will allow you to ski longer, faster and better. To have more fun.

    The craft

    Wagner Skis are made by skiers. A skilled team who all grew up on the mountain and love it like family, to the extent that factory policy dictates if there’s more than four inches of snow in the early morning, they go skiing. Their pride is apparent in their creations, as is their passion to share the sport. They make you the skis they would have themselves. They give you a piece of the mountain.

    Amerifine adores

    Not only are Wagner Skis perfect for the job, but with a chance to visit the factory, test drive your skis, and meet the local team, they create an insider Telluride experience to be treasured.

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