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Amerifine is the only global advocate for incredible American craftsmanship and excellence in the retail and experience space. This is a powerful new category of luxury never addressed on this scale before, for a discerning audience who deserve the best and the incredible brands that deserve to be recognised.

Our Brands

The brands we choose to celebrate and introduce can all proudly display the Amerifine Maker’s Mark; our stamp of true and considered quality. This means they have met our exacting criteria of legacy, integrity, passion, quality and beautiful design all rooted in an American tradition.

And the search isn’t over. We continue to reach ahead for fresh and exciting products and innovations that we know will bring delight and creativity to our customers. This is a unique and captivating perspective; a new way of seeing the gold sewn into the rich seams of our nation.

Our Mission

Our platform brings together exceptional American brands in a curated collection of creativity, stories and experiences to inspire and delight those who appreciate and value beautiful, authentic craft. The aim is that our involvement provides critical support to the survival of our manufacturing heritage and the livelihoods that depend on them. Our hope is that Amerifine will communicate a story of pride in our nation’s brands and ensure they remain vibrantly alive for our children and our future.

Where it all


By Faye Mythen, Founder of Amerifine

Sometimes a passion for something is irrational, but I found reason for mine in my son’s first crib. It was so wonderfully made, in Virginia, by true carpenters - some of whom were third generation - and hand-crafted from fine American woods. But, when I went back to buy again, and after nearly a century of operations, the company had ceased business, taking their production offshore to underpin margins.

However special a product might be, it needs an audience that understands it’s value.

Having also adored my father’s 1930s Deluxe Packard with its beautiful, chrome-accented livery and opulent interior I got to thinking about the contribution America has made to the world of design, and how under-appreciated it felt compared to the luxury houses of Europe. This is what ultimately spurred the creation of Amerifine.

I began researching the fabric of America’s luxury history, speaking to industrial designers and manufacturers. I analyzed the impact left by innovative creators in the lifestyle and fashion spheres and the contributions to product design and manufacturing made by today’s disruptors. I then worked with the next generation of luxury industry professionals at Parsons School of Art and Design in New York. Within their Luxury MBA program we completed a project which discussed “what is luxury America today?” The outcome was emotive, and celebratory of what America has to offer.

And so, through Amerifine, luxury has now found a new home in America’s traditions, innovations and inspired creativity. This is America’s finest, finally, in one curated place. This is Amerifine.