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  • Amerifine Journal

    The Brand Story

    Amerifine is the definitive home of American Luxury. Founded to celebrate the premium brands, products and experiences that embody America’s proud history of excellence, craftsmanship and the sheer joy of great design. Founded to be the only global advocate for American style, heritage and quality in the retail and experience space.

    The brand encompasses e-commerce, catalogue and brand advisory. Georgia Fendley one of Amerifine’s co-founding partners, worked with Faye Mythen and Matt Nixon on the branding project which encompassed brand strategy, brand identity and palette creation, web design and art direction. The Amerifine logotype is an elegant, timeless and truly American treatment, inspired by Fortune magazine and reflective of the golden heritage of American commercial vision. It is supported by the Amerifine makers marque endorsement roundel and ‘A’ corner treatment as well as a rich palette of colour, typography and illustration.

    The inspiration for the Amerifine stripe was derived from the ribbon of an American Airforce medal. From its inception in 1947 until May 31, 1963, qualifying enlisted Air Force personnel were awarded the Army’s Good Conduct Medal. Beginning June 1, 1963 the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was awarded for three years continuous active duty

    Coming to Life

    Amerifine is now live across web on social media and through a book partnership with Assouline,
    A warm thank you to:
    The Amerifine Team
    Georgia Fendley

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