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  • ‘Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.’

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    The story

    Fragrance has the extraordinary power to transport us to memories and places that stay endlessly just out of reach, always awaiting the next intake of breath to make them live again. Our everyday is full of scented encounters, invisibly conjuring emotions and guiding our moods. And they’re good for us. Research shows that the condition of anosmia – losing one’s sense of smell – can often lead to depression. So, let’s take charge of this power. Let’s define our own days.

    But choose your personal fragrance carefully, be mindful of the effect; the reflection it shows the world. By choosing this sophisticated range from Ulrich Lang you make a distinct statement; a leap away from average. Its exclusivity warrants you a certain aura; a quiet burnish of chic knowing.

    The brand

    Ulrich Lang is a brand to uncover like rare treasure. When worn, these fragrances silently reveal your unique discernment, your place in the rarefied air of niche luxury. The wearer of Ulrich Lang revels in the joy of a lifestyle where creativity meets style, and opulence sits happily alongside casual ease.

    The legacy

    Ulrich Lang is doing more than creating pleasing perfumes. He’s telling stories; using scent and art to evoke passion and describe place. This is a collection with vast breadth, from the invigorating minimalism of APSU to the warm, modern layers of NIGHTSCAPE. To add to this sensory experience, the Ulrich Lang collections bring together his love of both fragrance and photography. Each scent is inspired by, or inspires, a unique image that features on the sleek, contemporary packaging.

    The craft

    Ulrich Lang’s own vision and passions add a layer of cultural depth to the fragrances. They feel imbued with a real sense of American space and time, iconic moments we all know and treasure, conjured into an aroma. For Lang, his collections are to be a subtle finishing touch to the person you want to be. An invisible cashmere scarf, cozily wrapped around your emotions, creating the day you want to inhabit, the day only you choose.

    Amerifine adores

    The Ulrich Lang New York range is minimal and specific. Each fragrance is fully rounded in its own personality, and together they create a complete life o their own. One of the Ulrich Lang fragrances will be just the thing you’ve always been looking for and, until now, could never find.

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