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  • Where still waters run deep.

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    The story

    Tabacaru Swim is redefining the power of luxury swimwear. Created in Los Angeles from entirely upcycled fabrics and utterly Old Hollywood glamor, founder and creative director Stefana Tabacaru refuses to entertain the two-dimensional expectations of average swimwear. Tabacaru designs flaunt convention to see beyond; understanding the truly narcotic power of a woman who accepts herself fully in every aspect of her unique body and spirit, and giving her a range of styles that let that boldness shine.

    The brand

    Tabacaru is for those who know the glittering depths as well as the sunlit shallows. For days that might start by the pool but have no idea where they might end. This is the amused glance of Daisy Buchanan, the elsewhere gaze in a Slim Aarons photo, the intoxicating darkness that roams within us, refusing to fit into the saccharine imagery of the norm. The Tabacaru woman embraces everything she is with a cool nod to the fearless women who walked before her – the sirens and the icons – wholeheartedly uninterested in fitting in or playing by anyone else’s rules. Women who owned the vivid playfulness of their shadow as much as their affable light.

    The legacy

    The bold soul of Tabacaru makes their commitment to sustainability feel utterly natural. To keep the ocean as beautiful as its bathing suits, Tabacaru pieces are made from regenerated fabrics, such as Econyl, or nylon yarn made from industrial waste. They skip on the plastic, instead opting to package products in recycled satin pouches. Even the UPS labels are thought through to create less waste. They source and produce everything in the United States, which gives an assurance of being ethically made, of the highest quality and part of a supply chain that’s eco-friendly, eliminates waste, supports small American businesses and helps to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. Not only this, but 20% of Tabacaru sales are donated to Feeding America.

    The craft

    Tabacaru also knows that it doesn’t matter how cute a swimsuit is if it doesn’t fit well. It’s got to illuminate the best version of the wearer – the one with the joyful freedom to eat, drink and dance until the sun sets and rises again. This explains why so many of their customers are buying their same, favorite Tabacaru design again and again, in different colorways and patterns, but with the same wonderful knowledge that it really fits. And, now that versatility is a key demand of luxury swimwear, Tabacaru makes sure these pieces will take you through the whole day as a lively and powerful addition to the wardrobe. The Tabacaru girl can find herself in the city for lunch, enjoying cocktails at dusk and still be the first in the pool for a midnight swim. Tabacaru dresses women who want to be ready for anything while planning on regretting nothing. Tabacaru is for unstoppable elegance, on your terms.

    Amerifine adores

    The dramatic bow that adorns the ‘Milly’ suit is just incredible. It makes a statement without saying a word and creates two outfits from one look. Remove the bow for a fierce game of tennis, then pop it back into place to hit the spotlight with full-beam glamor.

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