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  • Holding the universe in your hands.

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    The story

    Spinelli Kilcollin is elevating fine jewelry into a new landscape of delicate contradictions that almost defy categorization. Their one-and-done designs are both youthful and sophisticated, edgy and elegant, contemporary and minimalist but also timeless. Always undeniably cool yet with a distinctive sense of occasion, Spinelli Kilcollin collections have a quality that’s dynamic and fresh.

    The brand

    Clean, conceptual, and innovative are the words that come to mind when orbiting the Spinelli Kilcollin universe. Centered around a mission to add versatility and fun to the highest quality pieces, this is jewelry to be lived in, worn however you choose, and - crucially - enjoyed fully.

    The legacy

    Largely inspired by modern architecture, the collections are handcrafted using traditional wire-drawing and diamond-setting techniques. The brand launched like a rocket with the innovative series of interlinking Galaxy rings that are now synonymous with the Spinelli Kilcollin aesthetic. Elegant and modern, the Galaxy rings cemented Spinelli Kilcollin’s place on the fine jewelry scene, and are still rendered today in ranges from sterling silver to their very own celestial blend of 18 karat yellow gold.

    The craft

    Spinelli Kilcollin’s offerings are all made by the same group of expert artisans in downtown Los Angeles. Through this process, each ring becomes a beautiful piece of unique artistry, brought to life by the personal energy of a skilled craftsman. Nothing is mass produced here. Nothing is without an emotional connection. The artisans are an integral part of the Spinelli Kilcollin family, and were selected for their meticulous attention to detail, elevated craftsmanship and dedication to perfection, which inform every single piece of the collection.

    Spinelli Kilcollin produce everything just blocks from their office in order to supervise quality and produce quickly. They’ve cultivated relationships with trusted diamond sellers and pay careful attention to the sourcing and quality of each stone – meaning a guarantee of stones that are Conflict Free and abide by the Kimberly Process. These are collections with a beautiful, timeless sensibility that reflects in the wearer. A moment of luxury that can be woven into daily life, beyond trends, beyond the norm. Beyond anything you expect.

    Amerifine adores

    All Spinelli Kilcollin rings are beautifully named after star constellations. What better way to explore the universe?

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