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    The story

    Furniture manufacturing can be a painfully wasteful industry. It’s been linked to illegal logging, rainforest destruction and extensive air and water pollution during both production and transportation. But rubber - while perhaps not the most obvious material of choice for a piece of beautifully designed furniture - is relatively easy to recycle. And this is where Slash Objects comes into the picture.

    The brand

    Slash Objects emerged from the design firm, Slash Projects in 2016. Before long, Slash Objects had won Best of NYC X Design in 2018, and the American Design Honors in 2019. The company’s founder is designer Arielle Assouline-Lichten, who matches rubber with marble, brass and concrete to create furniture with robust textures and sleek architectural lines. She’s on a mission to elevate the status of sustainable materials and reframe their inherent beauty within new reincarnations.

    The legacy

    The inaugural Slash Objects line introduces an industrial material made of post-consumer recycled rubber. Terrazzo-like in appearance, the rubber used by Slash Objects blends intriguingly with other, more luxurious materials, resulting in a unique collection that speaks to both understated elegance and contemporary design beauty. This is luxury rooted in consideration; in the beauty of its finish and the pure craftsmanship of its construction. This is the luxury of taking something unexpected and using skill and imagination to transform it into something quite else.

    The craft

    Arielle Assouline-Lichten is ensuring her products are wholly Made in New York and are therefore helping the city around her. Her vision is to work with a new and existing sustainable material every few years - or on every new line - and to change the notion of a recycled product. Slash Objects are here to transform waste material into new and beautiful objects - diverting waste and contributing to the circular economy and utterly redefining luxury.

    Amerifine adores

    Arielle is wonderfully passionate about design as a way to transform our experience of the world. Her work aims to reframe our understanding of the resources around us - through tactile stories that bring a sense of intrigue into our material world.

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