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  • When you need your jewelry to feel both easy, cool - and wildly luxurious - all at the same time.

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    The story

    We forget how recently jewelry became so magnificently modern. It’s only within the past few decades that a loosening of convention and a revolution in technique, form and function has created the incredible range of delicate designs, colors and styles that truly represent our individually eclectic tastes.

    The brand

    And this is where we meet Nak Armstrong. One of the very first with the curious vision to see a new way; an alternative to the old school ‘diamonds and pearls’ approach to jewelry. You can spot a Nak Armstrong across a crowded room. His intricate, color-drenched pieces speak of a distinctive, vivid personality, to be worn by you and for you.

    The legacy

    Nak’s passion for architecture, nature and fashion come to the fore in the engineering of his designs. Originality is crucial; finding innovative approaches to construction and challenging himself to make something entirely fresh is the energy that sparks his creative fire. But it all starts with the depth of his thoughtful commitment to the design, to creating something beautiful for the wearer, giving them something uniquely incredible. Nak Armstrong jewelry comes from the heart of a true artist who is choosing every detail himself, down to the proprietary cut of each stone. These are the layers of meticulous choice and care that make his craft shine out amid the throng. This is where real luxury lives.

    The craft

    Based in Austin, Texas, Armstrong’s unusually stylish work embraces paradox with light- hearted confidence. He might pair sharp, Art Deco aquamarine stones with old-world rose cuts of sapphire, or play bright colors against subtle neutrals. The pieces can feel both easy, casual and wildly luxurious at the same time. And they all look beautiful against the Nak Armstrong signature gold – a 22k rose gold instead of 18k yellow - that flatters all skin tones. For Nak, the 22k not only casts better for splendid results, but the extra purity of the gold gives it a warmer hue that sets it apart. The gold claims less of a showy presence, allowing the colours and styles of stones to take centre stage. It also layers nicely with other golds, giving them depth and allowing the wearer to create unique combinations found nowhere else. And that just about sums up Nak Armstrong jewelry perfectly; beautiful items, found nowhere else.

    Amerifine adores

    Nak Armstrong brings a much-needed spirit of creative fun and fashion to the luxurious realms of fine ornamentation. And, by always seeking out the different, his designs remain entirely fresh and modern. As with their wearers, these collections exude a unique strength that combines the beautifully iconic with the outrageously now.

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