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  • Golden links, connecting us to our shining past.

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    The story

    Jewelry has played a powerful part in our culture since the most ancient of times. Be it for the sheer pleasure of adornment, social status, protection or commitment, people throughout history have been drawn to decorate themselves. And now, in the hands of Loren Nicole, these voices of our past can sing once again.

    The brand

    Each year, Loren explores a different culture from antiquity, studying their jewelry and metalsmithing technologies to identify the core of what bound that particular period and culture together. Loren then translates those elements into modern wearable designs, but does so using the same ancient technologies. By immersing herself so fully into the styles and techniques of a culture, she creates jewelry of meaning; jewelry that not only looks stunning but provides an emotional conduit to our shared past, a way to connect with the innate human spirit of what always has been and still remains.

    The legacy

    Loren Nicole collections feel rich with meaning and understanding. They breathe new life into the centuries before us and, when translated into modern styles, create pieces that seem to preserve a universal sense of beauty and artistry in their stories. The wearer of Loren Nicole appreciates the uncommon aesthetic reflected in work that finds its emotional core in stories from our incredible past.

    But what does it mean to be handmade in our era of digital convenience and automated production? For Loren Nicole, it means working slowly and deliberately, without electricity or the aids of modern life and using just hands, ancient tools and exceptionally rare techniques through which to work and experience the metal.

    The craft

    Handmade chain is the Loren Nicole signature - still made as it has been for over 4000 years. One can walk into a museum and see the same styles on display. Weaving thousands of links is a labor of love, but the result is beyond compare. There’s something quite beautiful about the weight and movement of Loren Nicole chains. They respond with a visceral warmth to being worn and held, the links becoming more fluid with wear. All Loren Nicole jewelry is made from an unusual, bespoke 22k yellow gold alloy created by Loren herself, echoing that used by ancient cultures. She describes this vibrant, warm and sumptuous gold as being ‘like the sun’. The high karat makes it a softer metal, which means it gets marked by time and shaped to your finger, becoming a part of your own history.

    Amerifine adores

    This is beautiful jewelry with a beautiful heart. Loren Nicole have made the decision to go beyond working with recycled metals, and now support artisanal miners around the world by working exclusively in Fairmined metals who enforce strict standards for mining practice and provides education to individual miners and small-scale mining operations.

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