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  • Our most dazzling beauty is a gift from the earth.

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    The story

    After a decade of dealing stones, Jade Lustig knew that the world of diamond jewelry was ready for a shake-up; for a new sense of individuality that would push the boundaries of design into something more authentically personal. Now, in her custom jewelry house, under the name Jade Trau, Jade’s artistry is forging the path for a new style of diamond splendor that combines vintage silhouettes with a modern sentiment to create a new kind of classic.

    The brand

    Lustig specializes in turning antiquated styles into modern expressions of personal stories. A fifth-generation diamantaire herself, she now focuses on transforming inherited pieces into modern heirlooms that are meant to be layered in ways that feel both utterly familiar and yet totally fresh. Each piece touches on the feminine and the edgy but still lives in a space that makes it completely wearable and understandable. These are pieces with that certain, magical, timeless quality, that connect across generations, transcend trend and will feel as wonderful in ten years as they do today.

    The legacy

    Lustig brings a lovely clarity to her work by choosing the diamond first and then designing the piece of jewelry around it. This means it’s the diamond that shines; its intrinsic beauty glowing out, unfettered by additions. This process echoes Jade’s belief in the power of diamonds - learned from growing up in a family where diamonds were the career passed down through the generations. By focusing on the beauty of the stone itself, Jade ensures that every piece becomes personal, full of your own spirit and personality. This becomes your stone to hand down, to live on as a part of you, a gift to the future from the earth of the past.

    The craft

    Manufactured and hand-finished under one roof in NYC, Jade Trau pieces are crafted in such a way that they feel glamorously easy, but are actually bold, sculptural and highly artistic. Jade personally hand selects each diamond – all ethically sources in accordance with the Kimberly Process and all certified as genuine, natural diamonds – thus making sure that your Jade Trau piece will shine on for generations to come.

    Amerifine adores

    Jade Trau brings a refreshing new edge to diamond jewelry without discarding the classic artistry of the past. Her style of layering adds a bold lightness to their presence: These aren’t stones to hide away in a safe but to wear and enjoy as much as possible.

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