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  • Strong, instantly recognizable and, above all, ridiculously cool.

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    The story

    With an edgy, rock and roll polish gilding the traditional concept of a fine-jewelry house, Hoorsenbuhs is fast turning into the next great American heritage brand. The Santa Monica jeweler - already a staple in celebrity circles and on A-list limbs - is at once irreverently modern and tastefully respectful of its place in a legacy of refinement and luxurious glamor. And there’s nothing flighty going on here. Within the relaxed grandeur that intoxicates from first glance, Hoorsenbuhs has established a reputation for impeccable craftsmanship, a timeless sense of style, and a bold, already iconic presence.

    The brand

    Photographer-turned-jewelry designer Robert Keith and his partner, Kether Parker, specialize in fine gold pieces embellished with the house’s signature tri-link motif. The motif represents a strength, quality and uninhibited opulence that dazzles throughout the collection, evolving into sculptural rings, beautiful chains and cuffs. The designs are deceptively simple, and the look is distinctive, clean and elegant. All of the jewelry is made in Los Angeles and designed by Robert himself who, from his career in photography, knows what works to make people look good and feel great.

    The legacy

    With a firm footing in the fashion world and creating an ever-louder buzz of energy, these strong and instantly recognizable designs have catapulted Hoorsenbuhs to cult-status level in the designer jewelry world, and, in turn, are thundering ever-upwards towards the stratosphere of American excellence. These are modern heirlooms in the making.

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