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  • Redefining the fashion priorities of an elegant lifestyle, from the tack room to the board
    room - and everywhere in between.

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    The story

    There’s a revolution happening in sports fashion, summed up nicely by the four core pillars of F.WORDS; fit, fashion, function and flexibility. This is haute-couture performance apparel, and its bringing new elegance to an active wardrobe that can transition from working to working out. These are beautiful clothes in which to do whatever you want, whenever you want it.

    The brand

    Founder, Kendel Neidermyer, a celebrated sportswoman, marries a personal interest in sports apparel with a deep understanding of fashion; of the cuts and fabrics that will work and flatter at an haute-couture level. (And her own experiences provide a brilliantly unique vision, leading to delights such as a thigh side-pocket.) F.WORDS designs are simple and modern, standing out amongst the crowd with their edge of geometric perfection. The cuts are sleek, the fabrics fresh and dynamic, and everything has been created to deliver the ultimate in versatility and comfort. These are clothes designed to be a woman’s true ally.

    The legacy

    Alongside the company, Kendel has another true passion; New York City. She feels strongly about making sure her collections are made within the city, by the city’s hands, created alongside the famous artisan tailors and craftsmen in the heart of the Fashion District.
    F.WORDS garments are cut one at a time, without using any pins that might damage the fabrics, then handed to a sewer who starts and finishes the same garment. This traditional approach to clothes-making brings pride to the process, and the real sense of creating a masterpiece.

    The craft

    Supporting the domestic US artistic economy has always been at the core of the F.WORDS ethos. Their atelier is fair trade, ensuring that every sewer, cutter, and hand finisher is getting a fair salary. And the results of these values are clear in the product. The incredible, hand-crafted precision of F.WORDS collections creates beautiful pieces that are wonderfully functional. They’re the collections of a legacy; clothes that can be altered or handed down rather than thrown away. The skilled workmanship invested into every piece
    makes it last, and last well. This is a brand for those who know to buy better rather than often.

    Amerifine adores

    F.WORDS has a powerful woman at the helm of a truly American mission, steering the ship with empathy and understanding on a determined course to create sustainable fashion collections for all women who walk their own path.

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