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    The story

    D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn perfume pioneer. Separated out into their component parts, D.S. was previously a writer and musician, and Durga is an architect and branding guru. D.S writes ‘songs’ in scent - an invisible soundtrack that you can carry on your body throughout the day - while Durga designs ‘houses’ for the fragrances. Together they work under the notion that aroma can conjure fantastical worlds, particularly of music and memory. Within the refined fragrances of D.S. & Durga you feel free to roam through time and space; from the American wilderness of bygone eras to a heat-soaked afternoon in Mumbai.

    The brand

    Outrageous influences create perfumes as an art form on a level with music, literature and painting, and from inspirations more usually associated with a wild night under the dancing skies of a Glastonbury festival gig. Pixies – the godfathers of indie punk rock - aren’t the obvious muse for a perfume, but ‘Debaser’ - one of D.S & Durga's most popular fragrances - is described as “the wild shrill of Black Francis coming through the radio in the August heat”.

    The legacy

    D.S. & Durga consider perfume to be a fundamental part of your wardrobe that can be changed each day, depending on your mood. Rather than choosing a signature scent and sticking to it, D.S. & Durga perfumes can dress you in new worlds that you can return to over and over again, whenever you may choose. These are keyholes into far-off places; a way of travelling without stepping onto a plane. D.S. & Durga is a true experience.

    The craft

    D.S. & Durga are proudly perfumer/designer owned, where the scents are all crafted by hand in small batches using balsams, resins, plant oils and premium perfume ingredients. D.S. makes the formulas in Brooklyn, the perfume is manufactured by a small family business in the Bronx, their candles are made in Brooklyn and the body products in Texas. The formulas are 100% vegan and all of the boxes have been engineered to be foam-free and recyclable.

    Amerifine adores

    The D.S. & Durga boxes not only contain wonderful perfumes but also hold descriptions, notes, stories and anecdotes about the perfume that help you dive deeper into the whole experience of the fragrance.

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