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  • Simple, trusted, conscious. The promise is in the name.

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    The story

    Ah, the delicious aroma of pure goodness.
    The clean beauty movement has become a mainstay in the beauty world and Clean Beauty Collective Inc. are striding ahead of the mission, creating a sustainable farm-to-fragrance range for body and home. These are prestige fragrances for mindful consumers seeking not only the highest standards of quality in their beauty products, but also the peace-of-mind of ingredients that are simple, trusted and conscious.

    The brand

    Simplicity and sustainability form the lifeblood of this niche scent brand. The brand’s ‘field to fragrance’ ethos champions the use of raw sustainables; from saffron to spiced herbs, wild moss, birch and patchouli, all blended to create a collection of unique, anti-mainstream fragrances that focus on individuality

    The legacy

    The Classic and Reserve collections offer multiple ways in which to mix, match and layer the fragrances together. In their focus on individuality, Clean Beauty Collective Inc. encourage the exploration of personalized scents created by combining two of more of their fragrances into something utterly unique to the wearer. And the benefits of layering go
    beyond the pleasure of experimentation and discovery because the essential oils contained within are known for their medicinal properties. You can pick your chosen wellness fix and then create a fragrant delivery system to fulfil it.

    The craft

    Clean Beauty Collective Inc. fragrances are produced with partners that use green manufacturing practices, supply eco-conscious packaging, and use responsibly-sourced vegan ingredients that give back to farmers and their communities. Their promise is clear and simple; Simple by offering only the essentials and nothing more. Trusted to use ingredients and formulas that put safety first. Conscious of the planet and the future of our global community. By focusing on ingredient transparency and corporate social responsibility, Clean Beauty Collective Inc. make sure a clean approach to beauty is an easy adventure.

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