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  • Can we agree that life’s too short for bad swimwear? It’s time to take pleasure

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    The story

    With current fashion trends being as they are, it’s almost considered to be a bold move to choose to cover up. Where less is now definitely seen as more, more has become a statement of sophisticated confidence. And we love it.

    The brand

    CASTAMIRA swimwear - treading a glorious line between premium and sassy - is the creation of Jamaican born swimsuit model, Chantel Davis. Having been photographed so much through the years, Chantel now designs from a place of empathy, knowing which areas of the body look good revealed, and which can retain a more elusive shimmer when kept covered. She knows where to place a strap to enhance a curve, or how to elongate your back with a subtle dip in the fabric. CASTAMIRA is about being slightly more covered, but it isn’t about hiding; it’s about being at your fascinating, confident best. Knowing your power, knowing your body, and reveling in both its unique glory and your own rules.

    The legacy

    CASTAMIRA know that a woman comfortable in her own skin is the very epitome of beauty, no matter how much or little she shows. Because of this, they focus solely on creating chic, timeless, one-piece swimsuits, more elegantly referred to as the ‘maillot’.Their style is heavily inspired by the supermodel era of the seventies and eighties, where women’s bodies were celebrated for a certain strength and playful attitude. They design with true form in mind - highlighting the small of the back, supporting the bust, elongating the legs and embracing the curves. The end result is a streamlined silhouette within a fit that feels tailored perfectly to the body. CASTAMIRA gives you swimwear that lets you move freely and feel beautiful.

    The craft

    Based in LA, CASTAMIRA represents the evolution of conscious luxury, carefully choosing fabrics that narrow their environmental foot print and impact without comprising on design or feel. Even their online shipping bags are made from US sourced, recyclable materials. This is a brand steeped in luxurious detail from conception to final execution.

    Amerifine adores

    Chantel Davis wants to make the world a nicer place for women to live in. CASTAMIRA feels like a brand on your side, cheering you on and reminding us that sexy isn’t always about skin. It’s about a silent inner force; the confidence a woman feels within. Doing more, but wearing less, and feeling good all the while.

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