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  • Jade Trau

    Gemini Charm


    Yellow gold
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    The Gemini Charm features handcrafted satin finish 18-Karat gold and 4 brilliant-cut diamonds. Harnessing the duality and versatility of its namesake air sign, the sleek and angular charm is designed as an homage to the twins. The knife-edge detailing provides a modern and updated to feel to classic interpretations of past zodiac charms.

    Jade Trau specializes in turning antiquated styles into modern expressions of personal stories. A fifth-generation diamantaire, Jade Trau now focuses on transforming inherited pieces into modern heirlooms that are meant to be layered in ways that feel both utterly familiar and yet totally fresh. Each piece touches on the feminine and the edgy but still lives in a space that makes it completely wearable and understandable.