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  • D.S. & Durga

    Breakfast Highlands Candle


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    D.S. & Durga Breakfast Highlands Candle 

    A fortifying meal among rolling heather hills, peaceful lochs, and pure highland air. Dayawan'a fool cooked brekfist?

    TOP NOTES: oats, biscuits & hay absolute

    HEART NOTES: scotch marmalade, strong tea & smoked things

    BASE NOTES:heather honey, toast & gorse. 

    D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn perfume pioneer. Separated out into their component parts, D.S. was previously a writer and musician, and Durga is an architect and branding guru. D.S writes ‘songs’ in scent - an invisible soundtrack that you can carry on your body throughout the day - while Durga designs ‘houses’ for the fragrances. Together they work under the notion that aroma can conjure fantastical worlds, particularly of music and memory.