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  • Beekman 1802

    Milk Stick All Day Invisible Odor Protection Deodorant


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    Milk Stick All-Day Odor Protection Invisible Deodorant. Deodorant with natural goat milk; clean beauty, cruelty free.

    Deodorant, natural, goat milk, clean beauty, cruelty free

    ‘Neighbors helping neighbors’ isn’t just a marketing slogan. Here on the farm, the HQ of Beekman 1802, it’s the true mind-set of a caring team. And, built around principles of community, neighborliness, and cultivating a simple yet beautiful life, it’s hard not to be inspired by what they offer. Their wonderful skincare line now includes everything from soap, shampoo and conditioner to a full beauty range - all full of gentle, hydrating goat milk. Cleopatra was certainly onto something.