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  • About Amerifine

    Once considered the preserve of Europe, luxury has found a new home in America’s traditions, innovations and inspired creativity.
    This is a fresh and captivating perspective; a new way of seeing the gold sewn into the rich seams of our nation. This is America’s finest, finally, in one curated place.

    Amerifine is the only global advocate for incredible American craftsmanship and excellence in the retail and experience space. This is a powerful new curation of fine American goods, for a discerning audience who deserve the best and the incredible brands that deserve to be recognised.

    We are the bold champion of premium America, celebrating our proud legacy of vision, beauty and the sheer joy of great design.
    And we now invite you in to discover it for yourself.

    Welcome to Amerifine.

    Amerifine Advisory

    Amerifine also offers a brand advisory service.
    Led by Amerifine’s Georgia Fendley and luxury brand specialists, Construct, our mission is to elevate the growth and success of premium American brands and experience providers.

    We’ve met many companies whose product characterizes American Luxury, but whose value isn’t being fully realised. With our experience across all areas of the luxury sector – working with clients such as Aman, Net-a-Porter, Frieze, Claridge’s and Frette - we can support in developing brands and communications to better define their lasting value for a global audience. 

    About Investment

    Amerifine plans to launch its first American Luxury Fund to pursue opportunistic growth strategies and turnaround opportunities from small ($0-50m) and medium ($50-250m) sized businesses where we can add strategic value towards revenue growth.

    Amerifine is developing unique vendor relationships in the US market across all categories and phases from manufacturing to delivery.

    By creating a robust route to market for the best American luxury brands, we will be best positioned to identify high-potential brands and elevate them to a world-class standard.