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Amerifine Journal

One Step Closer To The Future.

We’d like to introduce you to Michael DiTullo. Over the past two decades Michael has been bringing iconic design, meaningful innovation and creative thinking to some of the world’s finest brands and industry disruptors in America and beyond. This is a rare breed of designer who can combine the creation of vision with the ability to actualize it.

And we’re delighted to have Michael with us as the guiding force behind Amerifine’s focus on the question of ‘what next?’ for American design and innovation. He’ll be highlighting the incredible talent that’s making huge strides out ahead; the spirited minds designing and preserving our future. Michael is here to make sure that, as well as celebrating the splendour of American tradition, we also hail the arrival of exciting ideas yet to come.

But, of course, Michael says it better himself. So, here he is

People don't have Picassos, they have stuff

Most people will never own a Picasso. They probably won't look at a Van Gogh daily. They might not purchase a Brancusi sculpture for the living room, or live in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. On the other hand, they most likely will wake up to look at their alarm clock each morning, drive their car to and from work, and look at their watch countless times. It is easy to underestimate the impact of interacting with these objects. They are part of our daily routines. It is all too easy to discount them as mere products.
A person strapping on their watch, glancing at it throughout the day, every day, possibly for a period of years, has the opportunity to come to know it on an intimate level. It could be the last thing this person sees before drifting to sleep at night and the first thing they see in the morning. This person will know every line, every detail, every nuance of color and shape, even if only on a subconscious level.
From the standpoint of a designer, this is an opportunity to provide people with something above and beyond an object that performs a simple function. It is a chance to give them a work of art. A work of art that they personally interact with every day. A work that people take notice of and admire, or one that blends into the surroundings and makes its statement with a whisper. A work that is a sculptural marvel and technical feat, or one that performs a function with such clean simplicity it takes on an elegance of its own.
I work at this crossroads between form and function, and have done so both for companies such as Nike, Intel, Honda and Google and small but powerful start-ups. And now, within the pages of Amerifine, I hope to offer an insight into the process of creative craft and design - and those who live it. Companies such as Huue, using biotechnology to create the world’s most sustainable dyes. Or Zero Labs Automotive, remaking beloved classis vehicles in Premium Electric. We’ll see what they’ve all got waiting for us.
There’s an extraordinary adventure going on, all across America, and I’d love to invite you along on my journey of discovery. Let’s go and see what the future holds.