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    Michael DiTullo examines the goods.

    Beauty, as we know, is very much in the eye of the beholder. But some things seem to transcend fashion and fancy by being nothing short of wonderful. When Amerifine is choosing a brand we’d like to introduce, we take a wide gaze. We ask the experts in that particular field, we ask the taste-makers, we ask the shopping connoisseurs who know where trends are heading and, without fail, we ask the designers a simple question… is this good? Michael DiTullo’s name is linked to some of the finest designs of recent years, and he brings a world-class lens of understanding to the look and feel of truly great design. He is forever looking forward, waiting to see what’s next and how to do it better. We asked him to take a stern look at our most recent curation of Amerifine delights, and give us his pick of what stood out in his unique vision as clear favorites. This is what he said…

    Agnes Baddoo

    Inspired by simple form, function and genuine craft, designer and stylist Agnes Baddoo creates classic, beautifully-made leather goods that do just what you need them to do.

    Michael: I love products that take a fresh look at something classic by elevating materials and craft. The thick leathers Agnes Baddoo uses ensure the bags will be long-lasting, and I love the subtle details like the asymmetrical stitch on the closure tabs.


    Byron Shaving Company

    The traditional wet shave is having a moment. Byron Shaving Company have designed wonderful tools to help men start their day with a calm, fresh confidence, ready to take on the world.

    Michael: Live in the moment, be present. Two pieces of advice that have been given to me countless times. An exquisitely made, every-day object, like these razor handles by Byron Shaving Company, always helps me to take more notice of those daily moments of self-care.


    Detroit Bikes

    Launched in 2011, Detroit Bikes specializes in building simple commuter bikes in the only currently functioning, large-scale bike frame factory in the United States.

    Michael: We all need to be cycling more, but it can be hard to find just the right bike. I don’t want to look like I’m about to set off on the Tour de France on a carbon fiber road bike, but I’m not exactly the ‘flip flops and hookah necklace’ type that would ride a beach cruiser


    F:WORDS Gear

    Redefining the fashion priorities of an elegant lifestyle, from the tack room to the board room - and everywhere in between.

    Michael: F.WORDS takes classic sportswear into the next millennium. I love the proportions, unexpected details and fresh hits of color in their equestrian line, and how they have translated that into a modern take on fitness and lounge wear.


    Grado Labs

    Grado Labs headphones quite simply deliver beautiful sound.

    Michael: I have designed a lot of headphones for many brands over the years and Grado Labs have always been the competitive benchmark. Get the headphones that other audio brands wish they made and hear the music the way it was intended by the artist.


    James De Wulf

    All handmade and designed in Los Angeles, De Wulf is elevating the structural properties of his materials to a new level of artistic beauty. Concrete is finally getting its moment.

    Michael: The iconic modernist architect Philip Johnson said he always tried to incorporate an element of “safe danger” in every one of his designs. James De Wulf’s pieces live up to that maxim with concrete constructions that are dynamic and iconic. They will be a conversation starter in any room.



    From immersive cinema speakers to mind-blowing home theater systems, incredibly clear soundbars, powerful portable wireless speakers and the most comfortable in-ear monitors on the planet, Klipsch has been impacting lives with vibrant, true audio for the better part of a century.

    Michael: Having designed speakers for their competitors, I’ve always admired Klipsch’s dedication to doing things their own way. From the hand-finished wooden cabinets to the unique horn tweeters, their speakers don’t look - or sound - like anyone else’s. They are true American rebels.



    In 1835 Henry E. Steinway made his first square piano as a wedding present for his bride, Juliane. In 1853, he founded Steinway & Sons in New York City with the goal of building the best piano possible.

    Michael: Few brands have nearly universal recognition. Steinway is one of them. They have been making world class pianos since 1857. You don’t need to read their more than 125 patents to realize that these are very special objects.


    Crane Stationery

    Easy elegance is one way to describe Crane & Company stationery. Their beloved tradition of artistry – the breath-taking, tactile details like blind embossing, foil stamping, luxurious extra-thick cards and edge painting are all hallmarks of Crane quality, and each flourish is still executed by hand at their facility in the Berkshires.

    Michael: My friends know that I have a deep love for stationery. There is nothing like a hand-written note sent by post the old-fashioned way to let someone know you truly care. Crane takes care of us with premium papers and inks, and timeless designs.


    Vortic Watches

    Vortic stands for ‘vortex’ and ‘tick tock’ – a beautiful clash of watchmaking, old and new. Vortic salvages the gorgeous, antique movements from pocket watches - these first mobile forms of keeping time – and uses modern, cutting edge technology to turn them into unique wristwatches.

    Michael: Like every designer worth their salt, I’ve got a bit of a watch ‘problem’. I love objects that do one thing and do it exceptionally well. Vortic watches fit that description. I’m particularly fond of the 12 o’clock crown on their military model.


    Amerifine is the story of legacy, passion and glorious design rooted in the heart of America.
    Great design is at the heart of everything we want to offer our customers and members – and we hope Michael’s selection gives you an insight into how design endures throughout generations.

    Thank you

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