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The sharpest knives, carving a path through history.

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The story

There are knives that cut, and then there are knives that glide through food and down through generations as beloved heirlooms. E. Warther & Son deals only in the latter.

The brand

Passionate about their kitchen knives and their home-grown legacy, Warther uses only American-made steel, and puts it through the traditional paces of nine hand polishes before it’s considered ready to sell. Known for their handsome birch handles and wonderfully distinctive ‘spotting’ finish, these are hard knives that hold their edge. And this is a legacy with inbuilt sustainability and timeless appeal - Warther are still sharpening knives bought from them in the 1920’s.

The legacy

But there’s more to Warther Knives than just being a sturdy and useful cutting implement. Warther believes there’s no reason why kitchen tools shouldn’t look at beautiful as the rest of the room. This is reflected in the obvious sense of pride and passion brought to the fore of an operation rooted in art, rather than business. The makers of Warther knives are artists in their own right, personally invested in the outcome of each creation. The knives are born from hands, they pass through hands thirty-two times during the course of their design. Each knife has importance, a storied past and a long future.

The craft

These remarkable knives are still made with the same level of craftsmanship that sharpened that first blade back in 1902. And the commitment to a sense of family runs deeper than a surname. Warther truly values the support of the Americans that have been choosing their kitchen tools and handing them down to the future generations since production began. For this they insist on keeping the business domestic, the heritage alive and the perfection of the knives within the hands of skilled local craftsmen. This is a company with proud American origins and a craft to preserve.

Amerifine adores

The artistic integrity that shines out in the design of Warther Knives. Even the architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright was a fan.

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