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Telling more than just the time.

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The story

America’s watchmaking industry used to be on a par with Switzerland’s modern reputation for timepiece excellence. American-made pocket watches made sure the first railroads ran on time. They timed bomber runs during World War II. They became heirlooms; passed down through generations, signifying the deep roots of family, and also the quality manufacturing we were once so very proud of. These timepieces had been a wedding gift for your great-grandfather and then a coming of age treasure for your grandfather.

But pocket watches eventually fell out of fashion, ending up in attics, closets and dresser drawers. Many of their cases were melted down for their gold and silver, leaving the mechanical watch movements intact, yet obsolete. Now, those that are left are a piece of history; each quietly tells its own tale from a time past and represents an era of greatness when America was built, not assembled.

The brand

Vortic Watch Company is now on a mission to salvage and restore the glory of the pocket watch for a new generation. Vortic stands for ‘vortex’ and ‘tick tock’ – a beautiful clash of watchmaking, old and new. Vortic salvages the gorgeous, antique movements from these pocket watches - these first mobile forms of keeping time – and uses modern, cutting edge technology to turn them into unique wristwatches.

The legacy

Vortic employs an exclusive group of highly experienced watchmakers who specialize in vintage watches. Before its use in a wristwatch, the movement is completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and calibrated. Through this process, Vortic brings 100% American Made watches back to life. Even the new straps are American leather. Everything inside is old and everything outside is modern. Each of these watches are one-of-a-kind and when they're sold, they're gone forever.

The craft

It’s an extraordinary feeling, to wear a Vortic. Each of these watches was carried by someone else years ago, someone who depended on it. Wearing a Vortic transports you through time, into our history, where you’re owning not just a watch but someone’s story. You won't be the first to own this watch, and you certainly won’t be the last, so make your chapter in its story count. Preserve your legacy.

Amerifine adores

You can’t get much more American than the CEO of Vortic, RT Custer – seventh cousin of General George Custer.

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