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Experience the day in vivid color.

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The story

Jewelry is to have and to hold. A personal choice, a thing of beauty. And it’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than the vivid colors that form a key feature of the iconic world of Sharon Khazzam.

The brand

Sharon Khazzam’s pieces are all handcrafted and entirely one-of-a-kind – always elegant and feminine, and occasionally wonderfully unexpected. Every single setting has been handmade by a master craftsman, and each gemstone has been hand-selected by Sharon.

The legacy

Khazzam launched her eponymous label with the intention of creating unique pieces meant to last through generations. And she succeeded. Today her designs continue to have that extra-special touch of the fantastical and the imagination brought to life. Each piece begins like a painting; Khazzam selects stones in harmonious color combinations—often beginning with an especially rare stone—and arranges them together for true works of art. Drawn from original sketches and paintings, each numbered jewel is handmade in New York, and meticulously catalogued with a permanent record guarded in her studio.

The craft

Every Sharon Khazzam piece is one-of-a-kind, but the baby necklace is one of Sharon’s signatures styles. The baby necklace style is all about relationships - between colors, cuts, shapes and sizes of gemstones and diamonds - and how they exist in harmony with their neighbors. They’re usually made in different colors, but Amerifine has the honor of presenting an absolutely unique delight for our customers, made entirely from intense diamonds. 47.84 carats of diamonds, to be precise.

Amerifine adores

Every piece produced by Sharon Khazzam comes from the heart. She knows them all by name.

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