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Delighting in the detail.

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The story

Ordinal Indicator is a design studio focusing on furniture and lighting, based in New York’s Hudson Valley, and founded by Mike White.

The brand

Mike’s contemporary staple pieces are handcrafted with time-honored techniques from exception materials and, at the same time, elevated beyond the norm with their artful, unexpected details. As a maker, Mike is inspired by the shapes and textures of the natural world - and the way we connect to them - and his beautiful, thoughtful pieces inspire pause and consideration in return.

The legacy

Ordinal Indicator pride themselves on being American Made and strive to be a positive representation of the country through their practices. Their work is all made by hand, creating the sense of sculptural masterpieces carved by humans, rather than machines. And, in their ongoing mission to create with a respect for the environment, they re-use studio remnants in new works and have teamed up with the One Tree Planted non-profit to offset the carbon footprint.

Amerifine adores

Ordinal Indicator pieces all hold a sense of tranquility within their design. They feel like a breath of fresh, calm air for the eyes and fill spaces with a confident, warm sense of natural elegance.

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