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  • Good shoes take you to good places. Cowboy boots take you anywhere.

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    The story

    Cowboy boots have been a thoroughly Texan icon of the spirit of hard work and adventure since they first started kicking up the dust. And the finest maker of them all, Lucchese, has been celebrating their handmade craftsmanship in Texas since 1883. The innate style of the cowboy boot represents a timeless, classic confidence; a lifestyle of cool. They’re James Dean in Giant, Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy, Patricia Arquette in True Romance. Pulling on a pair of cowboy boots is an experience like no other. The sudden urge to kick solid objects, the sense of empowerment, the new attitude with a bit more swagger – utterly ready for the day. And no other boot in the world fits as well as these premium, handmade stompers.

    The brand

    The Lucchese brothers, setting up shop in a Cavalry School in San Antonio, were innovators ahead of their time, even buying the first ‘inseamer’ to ever be shipped to the Southwest United States. And it didn’t take long for their reputation to start gathering speed. Soon everyone from the most powerful ranchers to the hottest movie makers were buying nothing but Lucchese.

    The legacy

    Their enduring lure is the quality and heritage. They still use the same boot-making techniques that founder Salvatore Lucchese practiced in the late 1800s. They still use the finest materials, taking pride in this commitment to the best at every step of the developing and sourcing process, even down the hidden linings, soles and heels. Every component of their boots is a premium product. Always was, always will be.

    The craft

    But while you can be sure to only use the finest ingredients, there’s no substitute for the careful, experienced hands of the craftsmen, most of whom have worked at Lucchese for longer than they care to remember, passing the skills down through their own family generations. These are the eyes and hands that meticulously inspect every boot twice. It’s a matter of pride, not profit. Lucchese stands for authenticity and excellence in craft. Different cuts and colors will have their moment, but the boot itself is timeless. It’s a brand with a sense of true pride and tradition, rooted in American history and culture.

    Amerifine adores

    Lucchese has given us an all-American boot to stand the test of time. A footwear staple forever in high demand, born at the beginning of the 20 th century and still seen at the fashion runways and music festivals of today. This is an absolute classic; an icon of tradition, craftsmanship and great design.

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