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When simplicity is key.

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The story

The humble concrete. Best known from our sidewalks and construction sites, this under-appreciated material is enjoying something of a design renaissance - brought into the spotlight and being redefined as a thing of exquisite and refined beauty.

Concrete (aka ‘liquid stone’) is a versatile way of creating tough, durable and sculptural pieces of art and furniture – and James De Wulf is its true master.

The brand

James De Wulf makes concrete look sleek and modern, fusing his proprietary technology with a visionary eye for clean, contemporary lines to form functional art. De Wulf is the creative force behind the eponymous Los Angeles-based design studio known for its avant-garde, bespoke modern furniture, imaginatively crafted from concrete and destined to feel both timeless and everlasting.

The legacy

De Wulf’s work has a rare edge to it, capturing the industrial elegance inherent in the material but transposing it into a whole new context. There’s nothing cold and dull about this: James’ innovative vision has blended delicate precision with this most unlikely of materials to create a style of concrete that’s both ultra-thin, incredibly strong and buttery smooth to the touch. In this way, De Wulf is creating beautiful things for people to enjoy as both pieces of art and functional elements in their lives, both visually arresting and as safe as houses.

The craft

All handmade and designed in Los Angeles, De Wulf is elevating the structural properties of his materials to a new level of artistic beauty. Concrete is finally getting its moment.

Amerifine adores

Have you truly eaten a meal until you’ve eaten it off a poured concrete ping-pong table? The De Wulf ping-pong tables are fantastically brilliant, extraordinarily beautiful and always a talking point that transcends the hazy line between sculptural art and sleek, functional delight.

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