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A uniquely American brand, where Hollywood glamor meets the Wild West in a New York frame of mind.

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The story

Hayward and Hopper are twin American luxury fashion brands steeped in a unique creativity that’s been crystallized by generations of iconic Hollywood heritage. The extraordinary lineage becomes clear when you meet Marin Hopper; brand founder, designer - and daughter of Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward. Here is the vision, the witness to raw Hollywood magic in action, turning the rich stories of her past into luxury products today.

The brand

Hayward represents Marin’s luxury handbag collection, while Hopper unites the design and curation of unisex clothing, leather goods, accessories, home and books. Together, the brands marry East Coast sophistication and West Coast ease to create something utterly new but still within a lens of the very cool past. Hayward and Hopper now present a vision for the future of Hollywood royalty; wildly exciting, sometimes surprising, often unconventional - but always dazzling.

The legacy

Named after her grandfather, Leland Hayward - a major figure in Hollywood’s Golden Age - and her rebelliously stylish mother, the glorious Brooke Hayward, Hayward draws on generations of Hollywood history and glamor with an authentic, insider voice. Hopper, channeling the bold spirit of her multi-talented father, is the very epitome of American creativity and adventure. Full of the born-to-be-wild swagger of Easy Rider, this is a brand that stands for that quintessentially cool American image of maverick freedom on the open road.

The craft

Hayward and Hopper pieces are the product of an amazing life; of the stories, the family. They speak of an energy, a hopeful optimism and an elevated lifestyle. They’re for people who want more, who search and find, imagine and create: for the artist/adventurer in all of us. For those who know the real fun lies behind the spotlights, behind the red carpet, and within the genuine spirit of an age. This is a brand with a style that never goes out of date.

Amerifine adores

Hayward and Hopper endures magnificently as an undeniable and authentic part of our most cool and legendary heritage. The glamor behind it lives on through every design, every photo, every memory, shining out through the generations and still standing for all that is so wonderfully vivid and unique about our American cultural icons.

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Hayward Luxury
Medium Grand Shopper in Tie Dye Python

Medium Grand Shopper in Tie Dye Python

Hayward Luxury
Mini Shopper in Black Floral Embroidered Leather

Mini Shopper in Black Floral Embroidered Leather