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Peace in earth.

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The story

‘Beautifully imperfect’ is a great way to sum up the lovely ceramics of artist Cym Warkov. Her one-of-a-kind, sculptural designs hold echoes of both ancient discoveries and timeless renderings of the feminine form. Part art and part intuition, these seemingly fluid forms of rigid clay each possess a unique personality that only their final owner will truly understand.

The brand

Cym’s process is best described as an organic collaboration between herself and the materials. The pleated, corrugated texture that has become her current trademark initiates a rhythm that becomes syncopated under Cym’s hands as she plays with the uniformity and poise of the fluting; tearing at the edges, denting the perfection. The meditative conversation being carried out between her mind, hands and the clay creates something utterly unique that eventually becomes both simple and austere, fluid and rigid. Clean and pure, but natural and flawed. Beautifully imperfect – like nature, like humans.

The craft

Architecture, fashion and the human form have always been the go-to subjects for Cym’s inspiration; the drive to manifest her creative passion in such bold, physical forms. Her town is also an important presence; Minneapolis is a clay town. Living amongst her material of choice imbues the clay with an intimate familiarity that allows Cym to really know its strengths and be able to work it with such deft skill into remarkable new identities full of sumptuous and precise character. To have a Cym Warkov piece is to have something beyond fashion or style. It is a statement of beauty. Beautifully imperfect.

Amerifine adores

Cym’s wonderful talent brings an unusual generosity to her designs. The end product presents a calming sense of space, an urge to stop and consider it fully. Although so delicate and precious, each vase carries a strong personality that fires the imagination and can inspire moments of quiet contemplation that are so rare in our galloping times.

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