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  • Transforming a daily routine into a ritual of uncommon pleasure.

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    The story

    On average, men spend over 35 days of their life shaving. That’s the equivalent of being a full-time barber for six months. Shouldn’t this time be given some special attention? Byron Shaving Company think so. Byron Shaving Company are the only US manufacturers to craft a full complement of the beautiful tools required for the perfect shave. These are handsome, tactile creations that not only deliver a wonderful shave, but have been designed for sustainability and responsible use, taking advantage of longer-lasting blades and repurposed materials.

    The brand

    And, as with most beautiful things, their designs stem from a need that couldn’t be fulfilled elsewhere. John Leitch, designer and founder, simply wanted a better shave than anyone was offering – so he made one. And the result is a razor that both looks good and works great, with a perfectly balanced and proportioned handle to feel strong and supple in your hand. It presses well against the skin, delivering just the right amount of weight and glide. This is simply the right way to get a better shave and to make the process of doing so something to look forward to.

    The legacy

    Bryon Shaving Company’s equipment is meant for hard use and longevity, for really getting to know the feel of your tools and becoming a master at using them on your face. For them, the act of shaving should have a creative quality. You should enjoy the look of your razor, your hand should guide it with ease, your eye naturally shaping your style. Because of this, Byron Shaving Company eschews new trends in favor of the classic wet shave - where you really get to know your razor.

    The craft

    Traditional wet shaving is a philosophy to be relished. With a wet shave, men take time out of their schedules. The experience becomes more than itself – a moment of calm and focus in which to embrace mindfulness and the simplicities of life. There’s a special luxury in such a moment to yourself. Filling a basin with steaming hot water, working up a superior lather and taking the time to shave slowly and deliberately with a specially crafted razor. Each time the blade touches your face is a new chance to express yourself. This is the trifecta of a great shave; the bristles, soap and razor, crafted into gentlemanly elegance by your very own hand. It’s time to enjoy every moment.

    Amerifine adores

    The Byron Shaving Company founder’s education in both art and product design allows him to balance form and functionality in a way that adds unlikely beauty to this everyday object.

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