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  • “We’ll never ever go wrong as long as we treat every single person like they’re our
    next-door neighbor.”

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    The story

    ‘Neighbors helping neighbors’ isn’t just a marketing slogan. Here on the farm, the HQ of Beekman 1802, it’s the true mind-set of a caring team. And, built around principles of community, neighborliness and cultivating a simple yet beautiful life, it’s hard not to be inspired by what they offer.

    The brand

    The story began when Josh and Brent bought Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs as a second home away from the churn of life in New York. They arrived one day to a note from the neighboring farmer, asking if his goats could graze on their pasture, and, with a new herd of goats, a generous farmer’s gesture and an awful lot of spare milk, something incredible was about to happen. Jumping forward to today, their wonderful skincare line now includes everything from soap, shampoo and conditioner to a full beauty range - all full
    of gentle, hydrating goat milk. Cleopatra was certainly onto something.

    The legacy

    Beekman Farm has quietly and gently become an extraordinary place to live, work and visit. While they’re first and foremost a highly sought-after beauty company, they’re now also so much more, with everything they do rooted in the simple desire to share kindness. The products themselves are of a quality that would be the star of the show anywhere, but rather than take the obvious route of shifting business to New York, they chose to bring the audience here instead. They’ve made it a priority to partner with talented local artisans to feature handcrafted, heirloom quality goods at the farm, and, in their determination to lift the local community; to employ those working on the local land and only using food from the area, they have become the number one employer in town.

    The craft

    The notion of something as raw and pure as goat milk creating such a premium product and community effect echoes the core concept of Beekman 1802, where they believe in simple things done really well. Seasonal living. Kind ingredients. Sustainable practices. It runs through the entire ethos of the farm, right down to the ‘no electronics’ lunch where everyone gathers together to eat, often under one of the trees on the idyllic setting of the farm estate. We could all do with being a bit more Beekman.

    Amerifine adores

    Two words. Goat cam.

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