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  • The thing about buying an Aldo Rossi bag is that you have to be ready to fall in love.

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    The story

    This isn’t going to be a bag you only take out once a year. This is going to be your bag. Because these are bags that conjure that timeless blend of sheer beauty and uncompromising style. The bag for every occasion – for looking great and actually doing everything you need.

    The brand

    Aldo Rossi is the home of made-to-order, handcrafted leather goods, made entirely in the US and created by a small team of artisans without compromise or corner-cutting. The main body of every bag is formed from a single piece of leather with no stitches along the bottom - giving the bag exceptional strength and durability. They embody the luxurious confidence of something that truly lasts, that sustains, that matures in quality like the power of an old photo.

    The legacy

    Aldo Rossi makes bags that are both timeless in design and lifespan, from leather that only looks better with age and for a lifestyle that will wear them hard, carry them across the globe and demand functionality as well as beauty.
    Bags of beauty from every angle. From the pure craftsmanship that makes them to the wonderful leather that forms them. Bags that smell great, feel great and transcend fast fashion to bring you something that becomes a part of your daily story; a beloved old friend.

    The craft

    Namesake founder and craftsman, Florida-born Aldo Rossi was first known as a fashion photographer. He honed his skills in Paris, assisting the great Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber - and here learned what it takes to be a true craftsman. Watching the incredible French fashion designers at work taught Aldo to sew and to understand his creations, to handle the materials with respect rather than just designing from the distance of paper sketches. This gave him a first-hand appreciation of the joy of handmade items and an understanding that a true piece of masterfully crafted luxury is not only an object of visual beauty but must also feel wonderful to the touch and function with perfection.

    Amerifine adores

    the understated glamour of this simplicity. There’s an elegance and refinement to the Aldo Rossi style that speaks of someone who knows good design when they see it.

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