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  • Timeless classics you’ll treasure, cherish and pass on.

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    The story

    Beyond the simple act of containment, your choice of bag can signify so much. It can be a status symbol, a piece of armor, a subtle message, an outfit enhancer. But it also carries memories, which is where Agnes Baddoo began when designing her incredible line of understated beauties - inspired by a vintage leather tote she inherited from her mother.
    Within this desire for a mother’s legacy to live on, Agnes Baddoo's bags capture time. They mature with you, slowly marking your experiences in their skin, carrying your history as they get softer, more worn, and uniquely shaped to your style, your story. This is a personal brand that answers a personal need. A manifestation of a belief in doing things well, giving them value, and honoring the process involved in their creation.

    The brand

    With a background as a stylist, Baddoo has enough history with fashion to know what she wants to give her customers. She knows that her organic, geometric shapes are pleasingly balanced. She knows her minimal styles avoid the pitfalls of fast fashion and seasonal waste. She knows that if you make things well, out of the best materials available, they’re going to have a real place of value in a person’s day-to-day life. The results are timeless classics you’ll treasure, cherish and pass on.

    The legacy

    It takes three days to cut and assemble by hand the panels that make up each Agnes Baddoo bag, of which there are five styles. And only about 100 are made in each style, per year. This limited exclusivity adds to the sense of having found a rare and valuable piece of treasure if you manage to own one. The small production team of artisans, who make the bags by hand in Los Angeles, are an increasingly rare and precious resource in our world of mass-production, but it’s their attention to detail that makes the collection what it is.

    The craft

    This hand-made aspect, and working close to home, ensures no huge stock waste, no selling off cheap, no vast shipping process. These are bags with a value that can’t be denied, with sustainability built-in and a legacy of craftsmanship that refuses to diminish with time.

    Amerifine adores

    Baddoo’s small team and hand-made approach to the craftsmanship feels lovely. You can almost sense the ‘wattage’ of the person who made your bag, who took their time to craft you something uniquely splendid. By knowing it was made with such care adds an extra appreciation of the details, and lets you see the beauty on your arm every day.

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